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Rigo x Chanel  

⚜️Zarlousha’s Passione⚜️


May we proudly present our planned litter for mid-end 2024


Litter B - (Name) Beauty & Performance 🌟 


I am very grateful for my great friends who make this mating possible and we hope that our wish will come true this year.


Both dogs have a wonderful character. 

They are healthy, brave, open, friendly, without any fear. 

Their coat quality is also excellent and both have beautiful dark eyes, as desired. Both dogs are tested for health and DNA.

Rigo is exceptional. He is 100% black which is especially beautiful!

Chanel loves racing and coursing more than anything, 100% focused and keen on the 🐰 🔥 😁


Exactly what I wish from a Italian Greyhound!


There are friends and there are people who are like family.

❤️Thank you, Marcella & Family❤️

also Maura, Annalisa

& Thank you 📸 Martina (also for your always sensational graphics) & Enrica🥰


Ps: More as soon as our wish has come true.


Both DNA & Health Tested

Both Heart & Eyes clear Tested

Both Patella 0/0 Tested




🩷Chanel🩷 (DOB 03.04.2022)


🥇Best female Puppy 

🥇Jugend VHD, Jugend CAC,  CACIB & Jugendsieger, schönster Kopf

🥇Alpenjugendsieger Offenburg 

🥇JBOB Grafenegg 2023 - best Female.


🥈Best Couple 2 Grafenegg

🥈Best Couple 2 Aarau

🥈V2 ResJuCAC ResJuVDH Bermatingen

🥇 best Couple Bermatingen


🥇 1xCac / CACIB -  IHA Aarau, Alpenjugendsieger

🏆 JCAC, JBOB, BOB, JBIS2 - Kleindöttingen 🏆

🏆 JCAC, JBOB, Winner S&L Landstuhl 2023🏆

🏆 1. + CACL Fuchsjagd Lotzwil

🏆1. Place ZK Wels IHA

🎗4. Galtür Snow Coursing 2024

🏆Res.Cacil - Holland Coursing

🥈2. Res. - CACC - Kuralpe Coursing

🥈 2. Res - CACIL HOLLAND Coursing

🥇Gewinner S&L Welzheim 

 🥇Gewinner – CACL Coursing Welzheim 

🥇 Rennen Kleindöttingen CACL 05.05.24 

2. Platz Open Class Female – Grafenegg 2024 

Grafenegg BEST COUPLE  

Grafenegg res. BEST COUPLE 


2x BOB🌟 & JBIS2🥇🏆


🏆FCI-CACIL- Lizenz Coursing & Racing

🏆🥇Jahressieger Rennen Hündinnen WI Schweiz 🇨🇭 

🥉 Jahressiegerwertung Ausstellung Hündinnen WI Schweiz🇨🇭




🩵Rigo🩵 (DOB 27.07.2020)

🏆JCH Italian,CH Italian

🏆JCH Slovenian CH Slovenian

🏆1 Croatian cacib is missing to become an international CH and a Croatian CH.

🏆He came in 3rd place at the world championship in Madrid and 4th place in Pompadur.

🏆He won both the youth and adult championships in all rallies and all special events

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